19 Fabulous Sex Tips for a Virgo ...

Do you ever wonder what sex tips for a Virgo are out there?

Is your partner a Virgo and you really want to see what drives them nuts?

Take a look at my top 19 sex tips for a Virgo that are not only incredible, but they do work!

Did you know that the Virgo is a sign that loves romance?

That they are huge on hygiene?

Take a look below to see what else drives this particular sign insane behind closed doors!

1. Stomach Turns Them on

One of the biggest turn-ons for the Virgo is having their stomach touched.

This is one of the many top sex tips for a Virgo that will drive them insane!

Just run your fingertips over the hollow of their stomach, allow yourself to palm your hand up their stomach when things are getting heated – see what reactions come about!

The stomach is a hot area for this particular sign!

Loves Intimacy