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Facts about men — sounds like the title to a movie, doesn't it? It’s funny how men have gotten away so for so long saying they don’t understand women yet the reverse doesn’t seem to be voiced. Is it because we women want to save face and never actually admit we don’t understand them either, or is it simply because we think we do? After reading these 8 facts about men maybe you’ll change your mind as to how man-savvy you think you are. Please note a number of the references points are British but as men are pretty much the same the world over, so I’m sure they’re applicable to U.S. guys too.

1. Weight Fact

The Daily Mail newspaper presented some not-quite-stunning facts in December of 2010.

The article stated that 42% of men say they would be less attracted to their wife or girlfriend if she gained weight.

No surprise there, then.

Cleanliness Fact


i have been with my man for 8 years and i have leared that you cant change them but you can show them your point of view. revers psychology on what ever the problem is that has to more with haveing to do with being a female's job than mans.I have learned to mold him .So that we work to gether you know that special moment that couple have behind closed doors.I have had to show him that its not a right its a privilege.which some men dont get once they get married.I have told this to alot of my friends and and it has helped .oh yeah the 3 sum thing on men the % was shocking .no wonder 1/4 ppl have a disease. all these guys who aint happy with one they have to have 2 or lady sometime lol great tips tho
Oops indeed it is Em. Thanks for pointing it out :)
"I guess we don’t need to ask what the other 72% answered." Hey sweetie, it's 82%
guys are sooooo lucky that they dont have to do any effort ! we put on make up ,pay tons of money for hot clothes , fix our hair , and wax our legs,arms,and face :P !And thats just to get them to notice us . dont you think it is kinda unfair ???All they have to do is say :hubba hubba :P
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