2. Cleanliness Fact

We all know men are generally less cleanly than women but here's one fact about men you won’t enjoy knowing.

A February 2011 survey from Travelodge Hotels said that 20% of single men only change their bed linens once a month.

Maybe that’s why they are single?

Sex Fact


well men ARE crazy. and that so total describes my crush
As a man, having just read this, I sincerely hope none of these things are taken seriously. You can't know 50% of the human population by statistics. They're not "8 Facts About Men" they're "8 Facts About Certain Men Who Took Surveys." A man isn't men, the same way a woman isn't all women. Learn your partner and don't go into any relationship with these kinds of assumptions... they're harmful on a personal -and- societal level. Unless this is all light humor that I completely misunderstood... then, in that case, uh... my bad for getting all serious on you.
I think you should talk it out with him. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but MAYBE just maybe he doesn't trust you? I don't know, that's what it sounds like.
i have been with my man for 8 years and i have leared that you cant change them but you can show them your point of view. revers psychology on what ever the problem is that has to more with haveing to do with being a female's job than mans.I have learned to mold him .So that we work to gether you know that special moment that couple have behind closed doors.I have had to show him that its not a right its a privilege.which some men dont get once they get married.I have told this to alot of my friends and and it has helped .oh yeah the 3 sum thing on men the % was shocking .no wonder 1/4 ppl have a disease. all these guys who aint happy with one they have to have 2 or lady sometime lol great tips tho
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