4. Phone Fact

Cell phones are a big part of today's society, especially when it comes to interacting with potential partners.

Viewsonic emphasized how important cell phones are in relationships by revealing that one third of men use their cell phones to flirt with women.

That’s no excuse to take a peek at his messages when he’s not around, though.

Sexual Partners Fact


@Jasmine, Hey, guys have to feel there is a way to win you! I asked a girl to marry me off and on for 3 years, and she never answered the question. Dated some real creeps during this time too. I hope she married well.
Paul Johnson
We don't have to approach the girl, risk rejection, fork over insane amounts of cash and prizes, deal with bullshit head-games like hard-to-get or fight-starting or jealousy-induction? We don't have to shave our faces, pubes, ears, and nose-hairs? We don't have to apply no less than 5 different kinds of chemistry to our bodies (I know, women have more)? We don't have to do this en-masse (and in parallel) because 90% of all "projects" result in rejection (or disinterest)? (Imagine you had to GO OUT THERE to find out that 90% of the world has nothing for you! How would you keep getting up in the morning?) You have no idea how much work and hardship we have to do and tolerate to date, and most ladies don't.
Heather Jensen
Thank you Desirae for the comment! This was a great one and we appreciate the feedback and the insight!
Men actually do have to go through quite the effort. In American culture a man "isn't a man" unless he is buff, emotionless, loves sports, has a good career...etc etc. In reality, guys might not have to put on makeup but they have just as many expectations set by society to live up to. You don't have to wear makeup or "hot clothes" to impress a guy. Honestly, a lot of guy-friends that I've spoken to say that they would rather date a woman who wears little to no makeup. They just don't understand why women think wearing a mask of eyeliner and cover-up is attractive. Just because society says it's attractive doesn't mean Men find it attractive. Also, wearing "hot clothes" isn't going to earn respect from any guy you will ever meet. If you are showing way too much just to impress a guy all it says (to him, anyways) is that you want sex and that might not be the message you are trying to get across. (If you are then go for it), but wearing clothes that are Classy makes a girl look sexier and more desirable any day. Plus you'll get that respect from a man that you deserve. Just respect your body and your wishes. Do what you love, dress how you like, and don't change what you do for anyone.
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