6. Strength Fact

Weโ€™ve always known that women are stronger than men right?

Well, they know it too.

So does Lovestruck.com;

the site says that 76% of men believe that women handle pain better than their male counterparts.

Is your man a wimp?

Moms Fact


Felicia Renee Hill
I learned some new things but a few i already knew thank you for the info tho
@Em, She did say 82% -_-
Heather Jensen
So true!!
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! I think that they do have to put forth some effort too -- unless they don't want to look as good as us. :)
Heather Jensen
@cupcake123, That's too funny! Men are a little nutty, but so are we! :) Welcome to AWS!
Heather Jensen
Hey Meg! Sometimes, that can also be considered a mama's boy -- it all depends on how the guy acts and if he puts his mom constantly before his girlfriend. :) Thanks for the comment!
Should we feel bad that the guy loves his mom and spends more on the person who raised him than he does on his girlfriend? I think it shows good character. Also, did you know 89% of statistics are made up on the spot?
well men ARE crazy. and that so total describes my crush
As a man, having just read this, I sincerely hope none of these things are taken seriously. You can't know 50% of the human population by statistics. They're not "8 Facts About Men" they're "8 Facts About Certain Men Who Took Surveys." A man isn't men, the same way a woman isn't all women. Learn your partner and don't go into any relationship with these kinds of assumptions... they're harmful on a personal -and- societal level. Unless this is all light humor that I completely misunderstood... then, in that case, uh... my bad for getting all serious on you.
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