8. Attraction Fact

Need to know how to attract a man? According to RealBeauty.com,18% of them say the first thing they notice about a woman is her hair. I guess we don’t need to ask what the other 82% answered.

I feel loads more guy-savvy now that I've gathered these men's facts, but there are undoubtedly many more facts about the fellows that apply, too. Maybe you'd like to share some! As for this list, were you surprised with any of these facts about men, or did it just confirm things you already knew or feared?

Btw, did I miss something ?

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Heather Jensen
Thank you Desirae for the comment! This was a great one and we appreciate the feedback and the insight!
Men actually do have to go through quite the effort. In American culture a man "isn't a man" unless he is buff, emotionless, loves sports, has a good career...etc etc. In reality, guys might not have ...
Sheila Joseph
Thank you for stopping by Felicia! :) Keep visiting.
Felicia Renee Hill
I learned some new things but a few i already knew thank you for the info tho
@Em, She did say 82% -_-
Heather Jensen
So true!!
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! I think that they do have to put forth some effort too -- unless they don't want to look as good as us. :)
Heather Jensen
@cupcake123, That's too funny! Men are a little nutty, but so are we! :) Welcome to AWS!
Heather Jensen
Hey Meg! Sometimes, that can also be considered a mama's boy -- it all depends on how the guy acts and if he puts his mom constantly before his girlfriend. :) Thanks for the comment!
Should we feel bad that the guy loves his mom and spends more on the person who raised him than he does on his girlfriend? I think it shows good character. Also, did you know 89% of statistics are made up on the spot?
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