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When you're dating an introvert, there can be a lot of things that you don't know – I've scoured the internet looking for dating tips for an introvert that really makes sense and let you know exactly what you are in for.

An introvert is a homebody, someone that doesn't exactly want to go out and party and hates bigger crowds.

These dating tips for an introvert can really help you understand exactly what a relationship with introvert can be like!

1. You May Have to Carry on More of the Conversation

When you are dating an introvert, you've got to remember that they don't necessarily want to talk all that much, so that means that you might have to carry on a bit more of the conversation, especially at the beginning.

A lot of introverts don't like to hold conversations with people that they have a crush on.

So keep that in mind when you're looking through these dating tips for an introvert!

You May Have to Initiate a Lot of Touching


I wish I would have found this and known i was an introvert since my ex and I broke up because I have a hard time tell Jim what's wrong as soon as something's wrong and because I broke down every time he yelled at me.
Rachel Ruth
Introvert Approved.
Heather Jensen
Hi Libby! It sounds a bit like he is one. I'd definitely see if you can ask him some more questions and see if you can get to know him that way.
Anna Maria
This is a great and so true. I'm an introvert and it's hard get other people to understand.
Hey Heather, I have a question about this guy I may like. He's a coule years older than me, literally. 21, and I'm 19. He's in one of my classes and we went to a competition over the weekend, and the 9 team members and I all hung out together. This guy seems to not like really big crowds, but I don't know if that means he's an introvert. I also get the vibe that does keep more to himself. He didn't share that much about him like the rest of us on the trip. I really want to be his friend because he's rather cool and quite hilarious. But I don't want to come off as annoying. Is there a way I can get to know him more without seeming as though I'm annoying him? I would love for us to become the type of friends who hang out outside of class, but I worry that won't happen. Thanks! Audrey
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