7 First Time ☝🏼 Sex Myths ❌ Girls Need to Stop 🖐🏼 Believing Right Now ⏰ ...


If you pay attention to the media at all, you know that everyone talks about sex.

It's portrayed as being a certain way when in reality, most of what you hear around you are myths.

Let's be real.

People like to overdramatize things.

People like to talk about sex without really mentioning a lot of facts.

This is how myths get spread, specifically, myths about your first time doing the deed.

While there are some things you can definitely pay attention to, we recommend not listening to the opinions of the media and everyone who is whispering things in your ear.

Get the facts about sex and make your own decision when the time is right.

We're exposing some of the most common myths today, to hopefully help you distinguish some of the fact from fiction.

1. It Will Last a Long Time

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If you have ever been told that when you have sex for the first time, you should be prepared for it to last several hours, then you were told wrong.

It’s unlikely that you and your partner will last for long because it’s a new experience for both of you, and therefore you haven’t learned how to control yourself, or your partner hasn’t actually ever had an orgasm before, other than in his hands.

So know this, when it comes to having sex for the first time, you’ll be lucky if you last longer than five minutes, but it’s highly unlikely.

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2. You Will Cry

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Sure, crying does take place and can easily happen when you’re having sex for the first time.

I mean I get it, I’m a girl, and we are emotional.

We can start replaying everything we’ve ever done and start wondering if this guy is “The One” and if we’ll get married because we’re having sex, and whatever else goes on in that head of yours.

But I am not talking about the emotional element of crying when it comes to having sex for the first time.

I am referring to the myth that if you have sex for the first time, you will cry because it will hurt so much.

This is false.

It really just depends on your body, and his member and how the two go together.

If you’re completely aroused and the guy you’re with got you all warmed up with his fingers and his mouth, then it will probably not hurt as much.

However, if he just shoves it in without getting you worked up first, then yes, it will probably hurt like a b*tch.

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