5. You Will Get an STD

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Here’s the thing about STD’s that you may or may not know, and that is you can get them without having sex. I know, shocker! You could get an STD from giving a guy a blowjob or having a guy go down on you, just as easily as you could from having sex.

If you are a first-timer when it comes to sex, please do not believe this ridiculous myth any longer and realize that if you have ever touched his penis to your mouth, or his mouth to your vagina, or whatever else, you were just as exposed to the possibility of STDs as you will be when you two have sex. There are tons of ways you can protect yourself against STDs, but thinking that the way to avoid getting them is to do everything else but have actual sex is not one of them. [Read: Is your boyfriend using the just-the-tip excuse to get you to have sex?]

It Will Hurt
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