7 Flirting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make ...


Ah, the subtle art of flirting;

it’s a tricky one and it’s not always easy to know what the flirting mistakes you don’t want to make are.

Flirting is, in the hands of some women, a lethal weapon – in others (myself included)… not so much.

But you shouldn’t hold back through a lack of confidence – flirting, whether just a bit of fun or the start of a beautiful relationship, can leave you feeling great and give you a little esteem boost.

Just make sure you remember the flirting mistakes you don’t want to make.


This is definitely one of the flirting mistakes you don't want to make, or you could wake up cringing in the morning.

Most social flirting happens at maybe a party, or a bar.

And that probably means the drinks will be flowing and downing a few cocktails for some Dutch courage will be tempting.2

By all means, have a drink to relax – but remember there’s a fine line between very brave, and very drunk.

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