7 Flirting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make ...


Ah, the subtle art of flirting;

it’s a tricky one and it’s not always easy to know what the flirting mistakes you don’t want to make are.

Flirting is, in the hands of some women, a lethal weapon – in others (myself included)… not so much.3

But you shouldn’t hold back through a lack of confidence – flirting, whether just a bit of fun or the start of a beautiful relationship, can leave you feeling great and give you a little esteem boost.

Just make sure you remember the flirting mistakes you don’t want to make.


This is definitely one of the flirting mistakes you don't want to make, or you could wake up cringing in the morning.

Most social flirting happens at maybe a party, or a bar.

And that probably means the drinks will be flowing and downing a few cocktails for some Dutch courage will be tempting.

By all means, have a drink to relax – but remember there’s a fine line between very brave, and very drunk.



Romantic dear but try to be slow,let it be like that try to be after the guy,if you seem he's not interested to be around you so it's wrong for you
Jeremy O'Brian
#3- (tease). To a guy, this means one of 3 things a) all u want is sex or b) you are the girl that the world dates, and cannot be taken seriously for commitment. c) u have a massive ego problem and think of yourself as being some sort of a unique gift that has to be earned. Yuck. At a 8pm date who wants to think of the work day ? !
Heather Jensen
Agreed! I'd wait it out and that way you can see if he pursues it! :)
Katarina birkic
@Heather Jensen so I said its been a crazy week and maybe we should catch up with a coffee break sometime soon when we re both available. He said we definitely should do coffee soon...advice now I wait for him to plan it correct? No more push?
Katarina birkic
Thanks @Heather Jensen ...I saw him quickly again today, he came by my desk to grab a book. My admin said that was the second time he came by, first time no book, second time he got the book and said light reading. I hit him on the shoulder to say hello. It's always confusing when it comes to work and play. We all have the IM system here, but a friend said don't MSG again you did it before and he got the hint he can too. He seems interested by his body language but he doesn't say it.
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