7 Flirty Ways to Compliment Him without Sounding Creepy ...


If you want to get closer to your crush, there are casual ways to compliment him.

The act doesn’t have to be torturous.

Approaching him might feel nerve-racking, but it won’t be so bad as long as you know what to say.

If you have no idea what to tell him, here are some natural sounding ways to compliment him:

1. Comment on Change

Unless you’re having a detailed conversation about hairstyles, don’t compliment his hair if he’s worn it the same way every day since you’ve met him.

It seems arbitrary to compliment something that’s always been there.

Once he changes his hair, or wears a new hat, that’s when you should compliment him.

One of the most natural ways to compliment him is when he’s sporting a new look.

He’ll be expecting comments on the change, so why not give it to him?

2. Bands or Books

If he’s wearing a band shirt or carrying a classic book, compliment him on his good taste.

It shows that you have something in common, and will spark a conversation about the item.

Just don’t compliment the item if you’re not a fan of the band or book.

You don’t want to be stuck in a lie about how much you love it.

3. After the Fact

Your compliment can’t come out of nowhere.

Don’t randomly approach him to tell him how funny or athletic he is.2

If he tells you a joke, then you can tell him he’s funny.

If he wins a big football game, then you can compliment his skills on the field.

If the compliment is in context, then it’ll never sound creepy, only flattering.

4. Follow up

After you compliment him, don’t run away.

Wait for his response, and see if you can get a conversation out of the deal.

It’ll look strange if you compliment him, and then are too nervous to look at him.

You’re being brave by approaching him, so keep up that bravery for a few more minutes.

It won’t kill you.

In fact, it could land you a date.

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