9 Food Related Date Ideas for Hungry Couples ...


As much as you love that restaurant that you and your boyfriend visit every single week, it's time to stop going there.

You'll get bored if your dates always consist of the same old thing, so it's important to switch things up every once in a while.

The next time you're hungry, try going on one of these food related date ideas instead:

1. Factory Tours

Head to Google to find a factory tour that is close to your home.

There are plenty of tasty choices to choose from.

You can see how Jelly Beans are made in California, how chips are made in Massachusetts, or how ice cream is made in Vermont.

The tour is bound to make you hungry, but don't worry, because there are usually free samples involved!

2. Cooking Class

If neither of you can cook, then take a class to learn how.

It'll be a fun way to spend time together every single week.

Plus, you can pick a class that interests you both.

Maybe there's one solely for cake making or one that only involves creating Mexican food.2

Pick whatever you love to gobble up.

3. Indoor Picnic

If the weather is too cold, you don't have to have a picnic outside.

You can have one inside of your own home!

Grab a blanket and put it on the kitchen or living room floor.

You can make a blanket fort to eat beneath.

4. Wine Tasting

If you're old enough, try going to a wine tasting.

You'll be able to sample all different kinds of wines, so you'll be able to figure out exactly what brand to buy for your next dinner party.

5. Apple Picking

If the season is right, go apple picking or pumpkin picking.

In some places, you can even go mushroom picking.

It'll be a nice day out of the house for you two.

Plus, you'll go home with a bunch of yummy treats to share.

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