French 🇫🇷 Phrases to Help You Have 🙏🏼 Better Sex 🛌 ...


It doesn't matter if your boyfriend knows how to speak French, or if he just likes the sound of the language. Either way, it can't hurt to learn how to say a few saucy French phrases.

You don't have to sign up for a class in order to learn the language. In fact, a class probably wouldn't teach you the sexy stuff that you actually wanted to know. For that information, you should check out this page from Imgur:

What other French phrases do you know that would fit right in with the ones listed inside of this book?


Je peux vous aider 💕
How about actually speaking to people who actually speak French before writing your next French phrases "article." This is lazy and the phrases are incorrect
Wow there are a lot that are false...
How will French ever make it better? I think it would just make it awkward, especially when he door you don't really know what it means.. Awkward as Hell.
Guys, im really sorry, but im french, and this is really not the right way to prounce those french phrases ! :p
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