4. Stealing His Snacks

He should always be willing to share some of his fries or dessert, but if you always claim you're not hungry and then eat half of his meal, he won't be happy. He won't mind buying you an extra burger so that you have your own, so don't act like you're not hungry when you are.

Never Really Ready


What if you tell them what is wrong and they keep repeating it?, my boyfriend do call me but once in awhile he hangout with his friends, he finds it difficult to call and I keep complaining but he has not change..
The first one is spot on because my bf always wants to know whats wrong with me and wants to be there for me so he wants to kno wats wrong with me
One of the most common problems is won't saying what's wrong. Remember that guys spend a lot more time hanging with guys than girls. So a lot of times the things they did to make u mad, they don't eve...
Lucky Girl
I always eat from his snacks and meal after I tell him not to buy for me. I'm stopping it right now.
Wow..i guess i never realised
I do this all but the what if questions.. Those question choices are just odd! I am worse about not wanting to say what is wrong. Mainly because sometimes.. I am not so sure myself :/ I tend to get upset and am not sure why.
Malicia Jade Lynn
Lol I am guilty of all of those haha
Men like a confident women who can make decisions
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