4. Stealing His Snacks

He should always be willing to share some of his fries or dessert, but if you always claim you're not hungry and then eat half of his meal, he won't be happy.

He won't mind buying you an extra burger so that you have your own, so don't act like you're not hungry when you are.

Never Really Ready


But hes my best friend he needs to tell me if my outfit looks ok to go outside lol
Janelle not so easy to do if you are a guy...like being on the game show, Try and Figure Out What You Did Wrong This Time" if you would let him know he would normally do everything in his power make it right! Keep playing games you may not only not get your way but your bough may want to find another game that's less confusing with some one else!
I never tell my boyfriend what's wrong bcus he should be able to recognize when he has done something to upset me, also to avoid confrontation
Jennifer Perez
Omg! Yes #4 is so true! Guys hate sharing their food!
Mayra K
It takes maturity to overcome all these events...respecting his/her space, unless of course either or are in highschool
I do all off this oops
Yes all but the a lot product stuff
Do people really do this stuff?
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