11 Fun and Flirty 😘 Themed Date Night Ideas πŸ’‘ You'll Love ❀️ ...


If you love playing dress up, then you can create themes for your date nights.

That way, you'll never go on the same exact date twice.

Plus, it's always fun to dress up like you're living in a different location or during a different time.2

If you're interested in the idea, here are some of the best themes you can use during date nights:2

1. Victorian

If you have a huge gown that you can't wear anywhere, a Victorian themed date is just what you need!

You can put on some ballroom music while you slow dance together.

Then you can end the night by watching Jane Eyre or Dracula.


If you love The Walking Dead, you can dress up like characters from the show.

Of course, you could also dress up like the undead and then eat something fitting, like ribs and red fruit punch.

3. Disney

Every little girl wanted to grow up to be a princess.

That's why you should dress up like Beauty, Ariel, or any other character.

Then you and your boyfriend can sing Disney songs and watch animated movies for the entire night.

4. Masquerade

You don't have to buy anything for a masquerade, because you two can make your own masks.

That craft can be part of the date!

Then you can put those masks on and dance around the room together like you're strangers who have just met.

5. Hawaiian

Even if it's freezing outside, you can turn up the heat in your house and walk around in Hawaiian shirts.

You can even buy leis to put around your necks and mix together some fruity drinks.

If you order a pizza, make sure it's topped with pineapple.

6. Hollywood

It's time to roll out the red carpet!

You can either dress up like a celebrity you love, or you could just dress up in general.

Then it's time to put on a talent show.

Get in front of your partner and sing your heart out, or play an instrument for him.

Then it's his turn!

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