12. Indoor Picnic

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If it's raining outside and you were really planning on spending the day in beautiful weather, don't fret!

Get together a a blanket, some food and drinks, or maybe some wine and make an indoor picnic!

Just because the weather isn't cooperating doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Lay a blanket in your bedroom or living room and set up a romantic picnic for two without ever having to leave your home.

Just think about not having to worry about those pesky ants!2

Get to Know Each Other Better


I bought those mirror wall stickers just now smh 😂😭🙄
Don't be a copy cat 😿 find creative ideas of your own !!! To fit who you are
Nataliia Totka
@LaurenCochrane it is such a good list! I'm gonna try it soon enough ♥ #love #relationships
Mila Lern
Nice tips!
Shifu Vaio
Cait O'Neal Sauer
This all sounds like such fun
Some men are too macho for scan booking & spa treatments- but looking at photo albums or giving a massage won't compromise his masculinity.
um thanks
I'll use this when I have a boyfriend 15 almost 16 never had a boyfriend...😂😂😂👏👏😩😒
Using this next time my boyfriend comes over
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