15. Break a Record

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An interesting way to spend the day/night? Find a record in the Guinness Book of Records and try to break it. If you can't beat it, see who came the closest to doing so!

Sing Karaoke


Amanda williams
@R. If he doesnt acknowledge you than he doesnt like you. Dont spend another minute wasting your energy on him.
Quinn Vo
I love this!
It may hurt but you need to move on...everyone deserves someone that gives them their time and their attention. I hope you find happiness
Hi I know this dosent really have to do with this subject but I really need help. I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday
I like this guy and he likes me. Yeah, I'm being a little needy for the relationship but it's because we have limited Time together because he's going to a different school next year so I want him to...
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