17. Redecorate

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For couples that live together, you can spend the day changing up your home decor!

Rearrange the furniture or even spend the afternoon creating DIY crafts for the house!

Dress up


Well... As I read fun at home activities with your boyfriend I actually haven't thought about a cooking marathon..
Nanae Yoshiwara
Movie marathon is the way to go!! We watched a lot of movies this Easter. We just stayed at home relaxing. I enjoyed cooking for him. BTW I hate a man who cooks of does household chores. May be that's because of the way I brought up. I even used to feel offended when a guy invites me for a home cooked dinner. A total deal breaker..lol.
Jamie Walker
i think they should add in a movie marathon or something
Great things to do! Especially the cooking competition. How lucky would be the girl who loses!
These are great things to do on a girls day in too. Since I'm lacking a boyfriend, lol. But they all seem fun. Good break-up recovery stuff with the girls.
@R Don't waste anymore time on him. Doesn't seem like the feelings are mutual. But that's okay, trust me. If it's not meant to be then it simply will not happen. He's going away to college anyway, where there's lots of temptation. It's for the better. There's more fish in the sea, ones that will treat you better too. Keep your head up high, things get brighter.
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