22. Squirt Gun Fight


Grab some squirt guns and chase each other around the house. You can also do Nerf guns, a game of tag, or even water balloons in the backyard. Let loose and show your guy your competitive side. The winner has to make dinner!

Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you can't have fun as a couple! Most of my favorite relationship memories are the creative things my boyfriend and I have done while home together. Just make sure being home too often doesn't cause either of you to become lazy! What is your favorite thing to do with your boyfriend or significant other when you're both stuck home?

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Michelle Ellis
This is an awesome article. Great job! Love it
Cira Arcaute
I love all of these .. Especially the cooking competition. Video game marathon is lots of fun .. Besides what's a little competition among friends. Being together is what's important
Isabella Coles
The spa idea is a winner too, we're finally getting around to using the spa bath and it's the best unplugged time where we can talk without phones in the background and just enjoy each other's presence :)
Love all the ideas
Isabella Coles
Game marathons are always fun, me and my boyfriend are kinda game nerds and we're always happy spending the day doing that. We watched lots of movies during easter, too. I love cooking dinner with him too, he makes everything soo easy! :)
These are actually some really good ideas. Totally trying some of them. Thanks!! :)
Heather Jensen
Oh no R. I'm so sorry about that! I would say that you need to talk to him. This isn't a relationship that is healthy and it can actually be hurting you more than anything. Do you want to be with him?
Well... As I read fun at home activities with your boyfriend I actually haven't thought about a cooking marathon..
Nanae Yoshiwara
Movie marathon is the way to go!! We watched a lot of movies this Easter. We just stayed at home relaxing. I enjoyed cooking for him. BTW I hate a man who cooks of does household chores. May be th...
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