27 Fun First Date Ideas ...


It is my firm belief that first dates should set the tone for the relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with the usual dinner and a movie, but wouldn’t it be great to add a little spice?

After all, first impressions are extremely important, and you want your possible new boyfriend to think you’re fun to be around.

If you’re at a loss for exciting and out of the ordinary places to take your new beau, try some of these fun first date ideas!

1. A Night at the Theatre

A Night at the Theatre

No, not the cinema.

The theatre, with live actors and actresses.

This is by far my favorite first date idea!

Most people don’t venture to the theatre for a night out because they don’t realize how great a show can be.

Better than any movie!

If your guy is the artsy type, he’s sure to love a good musical.

So the next time Wicked is in town, offer that as your first date!



I loved this article, is so complete and full of ideas, congratulations!
I've done quite a few of these with my guy and we both always have a great time! Our next adventure is rock climbing!!
Ashley Delgado
@Amelie, I never said it wasn't a two way street, I'm simply saying it's a possible first date idea to do something he likes. This is a FIRST date, not the entire relationship. I definitely agree that if he's the right guy, dates will be enjoyable for the both of you! :) Thanks for the comment!
This is one of the best articles I've read in a while. It's full of awesome ideas that I've never thought of before. I don't know why you guys are being so negative. Thanks for writings this :)
Guys appreciate respect, so showing an interest in what they like is a wonderful way of saying 'hey, I really like you and I respect your hobbies'. But I agree, it's a two way street, and if he's into you then he'll come alongside your hobbies too :D sometimes as women we expect the guy to do all the work, and become lazy, in my opinion it's a two way street and its been us women who have expected the guys to always take an interest in our stuff. If he's the right guy, going along to his activities will be a joy for you and him!!
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