10. Arcade


I recently went to an arcade for my birthday, and I realized just how ridiculously fun they were. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, or take him on at Dance Dance Revolution. Whatever games you decide to play, the great thing about an arcade is that there is always another game to go play if you get bored.



Heather Jensen
That's so awesome!! :)
Tara Johnson
I think this article is full of fresh and non traditional ideas of first dates. Thanks for sharing
I loved this article, is so complete and full of ideas, congratulations!
I've done quite a few of these with my guy and we both always have a great time! Our next adventure is rock climbing!!
Ashley Delgado
@Amelie, I never said it wasn't a two way street, I'm simply saying it's a possible first date idea to do something he likes. This is a FIRST date, not the entire relationship. I definitely agree that...
This is one of the best articles I've read in a while. It's full of awesome ideas that I've never thought of before. I don't know why you guys are being so negative. Thanks for writings this :)
Guys appreciate respect, so showing an interest in what they like is a wonderful way of saying 'hey, I really like you and I respect your hobbies'. But I agree, it's a two way street, and if he's into...
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