7 Fun Summer Dates to Plan ...


Planning summer dates can be so difficult!

Don't you wish that there was a list of summer dates that you can choose from so you know where to take your boyfriend or girlfriend?2

Well, now there is!

This summer, why not give a try to some of these awesome date ideas!

They are all different, all unique and will keep you active.

So, take a look below and see what dates you should plan next!2

1. Beach Date

Beach Date

I love going to the beach as one of my summer dates.

It's fun, it'll keep you active and it's a great way to really cool off when it's hot!

Whether you hit up a lake beach or the ocean, pack a picnic and go!

If you're not a water bug, that's okay;

you can stay on the sand and talk to each other.

2. Carnival Date

Carnival Date

The summer is when all the best carnivals start to come around and what better date is there than a carnival date?

You can ride all of the rides, challenge each other to all of the games and win cute stuffed animals!

It's the ideal date for summer and often times, there is live music to listen to!

So, put on some comfortable shoes, a cute outfit and hit the carnival!

3. Concert Date

Concert Date

Another one of my favorite summer dates is all about concerts.

This year, my girl and I are going to see Hanson and Owl City – back to back!

These are two of our favorite bands and I can't wait to see them up close!

If your favorite band is coming to town, why not get some tickets?

Often, lawn seats aren't that expensive and they can be so much fun!

4. Drive-in Movie

Drive-in Movie

Now, this one all depends on if you have a drive-in movie theater near you.

The closest one to me is in New Hampshire, but I would totally take a trip there just so I could see a movie, parked in my car!

Often, these dates are super inexpensive too, which is awesome!

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