7 Fun Summer Dates to Plan ...


Planning summer dates can be so difficult!

Don't you wish that there was a list of summer dates that you can choose from so you know where to take your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Well, now there is!

This summer, why not give a try to some of these awesome date ideas!

They are all different, all unique and will keep you active.

So, take a look below and see what dates you should plan next!2

1. Beach Date

Beach Date

I love going to the beach as one of my summer dates.

It's fun, it'll keep you active and it's a great way to really cool off when it's hot!

Whether you hit up a lake beach or the ocean, pack a picnic and go!

If you're not a water bug, that's okay;

you can stay on the sand and talk to each other.2

Carnival Date


I LOVE Hanson too!!!!
I love the zoo! I'm gonna have my boyfriend take me lol 😋
Wish we had drive in movies in the UK...s'pose it just rains too much!!!
Abee Robinson
These are cute(:
These are great ideas! My town has a drive in and it's an awesome summer hangout spot.
I would like to try the picnic, park, and concert date. :)
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