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I recently found out there are so many funny dating customs in this world, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

When you think of dating customs, most of us think of a guy asking a girl out on a date.

They go out for a nice dinner, drinks or maybe just a quick lunch.

The guy pays the bill, drops her off at home and there you go: you had your first date.2

If you want to know more about dating customs in other countries, keep on reading, because I have some interesting, and sometimes funny dating customs for you.

1. Japan

There are a few funny dating customs in Japan.2

For example, there is no such thing as casually dating and the main objective of dating is the actual marriage.

Additionally, where in most modern countries it’s accepted to start dating when you’re in high school, in Japan, dating is saved for their college years.

But one of the funniest customs is that women are to buy guys white chocolate on Valentine’s Day, while the guys just sit back and receive.

One month later, they celebrate White Day, where the guy, should he be interested in the girl he received chocolate from on Valentine’s Day, must give the girl twice as much chocolate.2

The horror of having to wait one month to find out if he’s into you…

The Netherlands


French guys were starting to sound pretty good until the 'more than one lover' part. I don't fūck with that
I live in Korea and I hope people actually don't believe this..honestly
Yah these seem pretty out of date
The article is out dated!! The part mentioned about IRAN is NOT TRUE at all!! Maybe for some families, but Now a days most of the marriages are Love Marriages and ALOT of PEOPLE DATE IN IRAN!!!
Aquarius 91
In Bangladesh it's also frowned upon to date. I don't know if the Iran customs are still active but in Bangladesh majority of the people don't like the concept of dating. When a girl reaches 20 (for girls who have no intention to have careers) their family starts to look for their husbands who are financially solvent and much older. For career minded girls, their parents start looking for their husbands usually right after they graduate university. They do allow the potential couple to talk but contact must be minimized. PDA is almost non existent. There are people who do date but they don't tell their parents until they want to marry the guy. This is solely because the concept of "dating" is not approved. I personally think dating is important. I would want to know my potential boyfriend or potential spouse before I close my eyes and marry him just because my parents think he's marriage-material for me.
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