3. Iran

Dating in Iran isn’t funny at all to be frank, simply because there is no dating scene to be found.

In Iran, marriages are mostly arranged by parents, who casually discuss each other's son and daughter over coffee.

If the parents like each other and if they both agree that one can take good care of the other, a formal introduction of the guy and the girl will follow.

Not long after that, the engagement party will be arranged, but contact between the couple should still be minimized until after the wedding day and there is no such thing as kissing or holding hands until then.

Casual dating in Iran is strongly frowned upon and as a woman, it decreases your value, which in turn risks rejection from a guy’s parents.

South Korea


True about japan
Alice Roze
@unicornface I agree not everyone is like that at all in those countries
@Geli As native Persian but resided in Denmark I agree wholeheartedly with you Geli ! Mashallah mersi 😊
Aki Yoshida
Josefin, thank you for your comment. If you hadn't I would have commented exactly what you said. I am Japanese and I am usually not offended by stereotypes but very disappointed that AllWomenStalk has this article up... 😢
I live in South korea and hav lived here for more than twenty yrs. I have to admit that some woman does ask her boyfriend to carry their purse, but its not that common if a girl respects her boyfriend. It happens for a couple when a girl wants to dominate over her boyfriend. Usually these kind of girl just want to be served by her boyfriend bcoz she thinks she worth more than her boyfriend. These kind of person is considered to have high self confidence. Therefore I just want to say this is not a stereotype of a dating culture in South korea to do evrything for girlfriend. It just happen to some. :)
This is a very interesting article, but I know for a fact most Dutch don't do any of the things listed!
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