6. Brazil

Apparently, when you walk into a bar in Brazil, you’ll see couples kissing in every corner.2

Here, it’s common to kiss on first dates, as they see it as part of getting to know each other.

Additionally, they believe it can save time, since a first kiss basically says it all.

Brazilian men are expected to approach women and they may even be teased by their friends if they don’t do so.

Also, their comments could potentially offend women in other countries, but the Brazilian women love it when men say things like, “We should get together, so you can cook me dinner.” To women in Brazil, it’s a sign of masculinity and it shows exactly what the man wants from her.



The article is out dated!! The part mentioned about IRAN is NOT TRUE at all!! Maybe for some families, but Now a days most of the marriages are Love Marriages and ALOT of PEOPLE DATE IN IRAN!!!
Aquarius 91
In Bangladesh it's also frowned upon to date. I don't know if the Iran customs are still active but in Bangladesh majority of the people don't like the concept of dating. When a girl reaches 20 (for girls who have no intention to have careers) their family starts to look for their husbands who are financially solvent and much older. For career minded girls, their parents start looking for their husbands usually right after they graduate university. They do allow the potential couple to talk but contact must be minimized. PDA is almost non existent. There are people who do date but they don't tell their parents until they want to marry the guy. This is solely because the concept of "dating" is not approved. I personally think dating is important. I would want to know my potential boyfriend or potential spouse before I close my eyes and marry him just because my parents think he's marriage-material for me.
Oh gosh how stereotyped this article is, I'm French and I can tell you that we clearly don't have charming princes here, of course there are exceptions but most of them - except if they REALLY like you - consider first dates as a way to get laid, plus men in France actually do chores, and worst of all, French women REALLY don't let their husbands cheat on them, that's pure non-sense and I really don't know where you could have read this...
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