5. Possessive

This little-known love trait of a Gemini is that they are super possessive over any relationship they finally get into. So know, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, they love you and they want you – and they don’t want you to be with anyone else. Ever.

Want Intellectual Conversation


I am a Gemini , and all that read is true in my case !
Sarah Christiansen
So goddam true! I'm a Gemini, everyone accuses me of being a flirt & I never see it! And the possessiveness I can most definitely relate to.. Lol I hate losing relationships
@Danielle I'm a Gemini and its true bout the possessiveness bcos the thought of losing something or someone I hold on and try to keep them.
All of these traits are so true when it comes to my Gemini boyfriend! He is a totally adrenaline junkie an loves surprises. Not only is he a little bit of a flirt, he is also extremely romantic (a lit...
I'm a Gemini and this is absolutely true
I'm a Gemini and this totally hit the nail on the head. So true!
I'm a Gemini and I really think this post is totally relatable
The flirt thing is so true ! The amount of time ive been called a flirt is annoying especially since i dont really think as if i am..
I'm a Gemini, and I approve this message. Lol but really, especially intellectual conversation. My previous boyfriend couldn't keep up with my sarcasm or jokes and it got to the point where I didn't feel comfortable around him anymore because I couldn't joke around.
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