5. Possessive

This little-known love trait of a Gemini is that they are super possessive over any relationship they finally get into.

So know, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, they love you and they want you – and they don’t want you to be with anyone else.


Want Intellectual Conversation


I'm a Gemini and this totally hit the nail on the head. So true!
I'm a Gemini and I really think this post is totally relatable
The flirt thing is so true ! The amount of time ive been called a flirt is annoying especially since i dont really think as if i am..
I'm a Gemini, and I approve this message. Lol but really, especially intellectual conversation. My previous boyfriend couldn't keep up with my sarcasm or jokes and it got to the point where I didn't feel comfortable around him anymore because I couldn't joke around.
This is sooo true! As a Gemini, I approve this article! Awesome! :D
Oh so true I'm a Gemini and this sums it up
Crys Watson
Every single boyfriend I've ever had was a Gemini and this is so true! Another tip is that they are incredibly talented and love to entertain! If you can't support their dreams of being an artist, musician, writer etc(yes I've dated all of them lol) then they will leave you w/o notice! Lol!
I'm a gem. Super intuitive!
Mackinzie Moncibais
I'm a gemini and this is 100% true about me! Wow!
All true to the dot 😇💃
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