Girl's Guide πŸ“– to Coping πŸ™πŸΌ with a Defensive Partner πŸ‘« ...


Dealing with a defensive partner is frustrating, to say the least. 😀 Not only does it take a toll on your relationship but it leaves unsolved issues in your relationship. These’re some helpful hints on dealing with a defensive partner so you can move past issues with a happy, healthy relationship.

1. Look for an Admission of Guilt

Many times a person is defensive because they know they’re in the wrong. They overreact because they know that you’re right and they don’t want to admit it. This point can be difficult to move past because it shows a lack of maturity on your partner’s part. 😠 You can point out that they need to work on this but then you have to step back and wait until they’re ready to do so.

Decide if It’s a Red Flag 🚩


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