7 Good Reasons Never to Get Involved with a Married Man ...


The reasons not to get involved with a married man are numerous - it's a really bad idea and something that no sensible woman should ever do. It will only lead to heartbreak and can devastate not just your own life, but that of his family as well. Getting involved with a married man has huge potential to hurt everyone involved. So here are some sound reasons not to date a married man.

1. Wrong

Of all the reasons not to get involved with a married man, the primary one has to be this: it's just plain wrong. Both a married man and his girlfriend can come up with all sorts of reasons to justify what they're doing - it's real love, his wife doesn't treat him right, etc. Those are excuses - cheating is never right, and a decent person just wouldn't be part of it.

Second Best


I am involved with a guy who said he was single and lives with his mum and that his only 35 years old. We dated for over and year. I am a divorcee, got married and found out my husband had plans to ge...
Joe Teamo
Joe Teamo: If a married man is cheating on his wife than he is lying and scheming everyday to Everyone in his life including you! What a wonderful man!
Heather Jensen
I'm so sorry that happened to you Celia! That is horrible. I'm glad you are out of it.
Those are true : second best, worries, lies and sad ending. It might flatter you up awhile, they know make you feel adorable but the rest of it you just only get miserables. It had happened to me 10 y...
Heather Jensen
Thanks for the comment Noni! That's so true, it's hard to get over cheating, if you do get over it at all.
Wonderful advice! Especially on the cheating part! ;) Now how would you get over that?
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