7 Great Books about Dating ...

Book about dating โ€” there are literally thousands of them, so how do you know which to read, and which to reject?

Iโ€™ve read loads of them as Iโ€™ve started dating again (I needed some pointers!) so I can help!

Here are 7 great books about datingโ€ฆ enjoy!

1. How to Get Real about Dating

How to Get Real about Dating

Price: $14.95 at amazon.com

I absolutely love the concept behind this book about dating!

It was written by a woman and her father, so you get the new school and the old school, from the man and womanโ€™s perspective.

Itโ€™s funny, clever, sweet, and best of all, HELPFUL!

Thatโ€™s why we read books about dating, right?

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