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Shy guys are hard to flirt with aren't they, especially if you don't know a lot of ways to flirt with a shy guy. If you find that you're crushing on a guy that's shy, don't worry ladies, I've got all the tips and tricks on ways to flirt with a shy guy! Just remember, shy guys have to be pulled out of their shell a little bit, so you may have to be a little more aggressive, but also friendly. So ladies, are you ready to learn all of the different ways to flirt with a shy guy?

1. Be Sensitive

The first way to flirt with a shy guy is to be sensitive. Some guys like an aggressive girl, but with a shy guy, you've got to take his feelings into account. If you come on too strong, you could actually scare him away. Just be sensitive to the vibe you are getting from him! Below, we'll also talk about body language too!

Be Sweet


And I don't know how to flirt he's my first boyfriend!!
So there's this guy we were like best friends and always joked around and flirted but now we r going out and it's really awkward we don't talk besides texting and he told me he loved me last night......how do I make things less awkward??? Please help!!!!!!
@Lyndsie Robinson, he asked me again today, but I just blushed :p
Lyndsie Robinson
It certainly sounds that way! I think it might have just embarrassed him when you said "no," and he didn't want to show it, you know what I mean? If he's shy, it probably took a lot of courage for h...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Ratha, welcome to AWS! If you're shy, you don't necessarily have to flirt-flirt; just talk to him more. In fact, ask him about work, if he likes being so busy, and things like that. If he likes you, that will open the door to more conversations!
Lyndsie Robinson
Hey Cassandra, thanks for visiting All Women Stalk! His shyness definitely doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you, but how does he act around you? Is he shy but friendly, does he talk to you? ...
My shy crush asked me whether I liked him because his friends told him, I panicked and said no, he was all flirty like ,"oh really?" and said no... sorry but then he was like, oh well that's a relief ...
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