10 Great Ways to Show Your Love ...


How to show your love? Good question! It is so important in a relationship that you communicate how much you appreciate your partner, but with our busy lives it can be challenging to focus on showing your love regularly. Just remember, the more often you behave with gratitude and caring in your relationship, the more likely your bond is to remain strong and healthy and you'll be able to show your love! If you are looking to amp up your affectionate actions, here are the top 10 great ways to show your love!

1. Spell It out

There is nothing quite as sweet as receiving a love note, and with today’s technology you can spell out the beautiful words you’re feeling more easily than ever.

Learning how to show your love and not feeling as eloquent as Shakespeare?

No worries, gorgeous.

A few words straight from the heart is all it takes.

2. Ask Him on a Date

Romance requires effort, yet so often we leave it up to our men to keep the spark going.

Whether you’ve been together a month, or twenty years, don’t be afraid to ask him out every now and then.

Planning a romantic evening for two at his favorite restaurant or tickets to a show is a fun opportunity to connect.

It also lets him know that you're willing to take initiative to keep your love strong.

3. Be Considerate

Being considerate is one of the most impactful ways to show your love.2

Speaking and behaving respectfully, being mindful of your partner’s needs and offering support and generosity are all wonderful practices in a relationship - most importantly, they are clear messages that you appreciate what you have.

4. Be a Team Player

When we help the person we care for and they experience success, it is a win for everyone in the relationship.

Is there something you can do that will make your partner’s life easier?

Anything you can take over or help with?

Chances are the answer is yes, so show you care by being a strong, supportive team player and helping your man achieve his full potential.

Take an Interest in His Interests
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