8 Handy Hints for Moving in with Your Boyfriend ...


If you’re loved up and thinking of finding a cosy little love nest, then you could do with some tips for moving in with your boyfriend.2

You might think all you need to do is find an apartment and packing your things in boxes, but making a live-in relationship work is a lot more complicated than that!

So here are some tips for moving in with your boyfriend …

1. Discuss

One of the primary tips for moving in with your boyfriend is to have detailed talks about what you expect from living together and how you will organise things.

It might not seem very romantic, but you need to discuss everything very thoroughly.

Lots of relationships go wrong because issues have not been thrashed out in advance.

2. Money Talks

Then there is the question of finances.

Are you going to split costs evenly, or will one partner pay more if they have a higher income?

Each couple has to decide what is right for them.

If you earn half as much as he does, you may resent paying half the bills, or you may feel that is fair.

3. Be Sure

It’s very easy to imagine when you’re in the early stages of a relationship that moving in together will be 100% wonderful.

The reality is just not like that.

Living with someone means living with their flaws – be very sure that you can cope with the real person.

You won’t just see the best bits of them!

4. Organise

Again, it might not seem terribly romantic, but as a couple you will need to organise how the chores will be shared.

Believe me, the romantic gloss will soon wear off if you find yourself doing all the cleaning, laundry and cooking!2

Make sure that he is prepared to do his fair share.

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