7 TELLTALE Signs That You Are Smothering Him ...


We all get into those modes when we have to actually look for signs that you are smothering him – face it, sometimes you might be just a little too clingy. Looking for signs that you are smothering him is hard work, but don't worry girls and guys, I have your back! Below, I'm going to outline some of the signs that you should be looking for to tell if you are smothering your boyfriend!

1. He Has No Alone Time

One of the very first and obvious signs that you are smothering him is that he has absolutely no alone time. You are constantly there. You are constantly around. You are constantly in his space. Wouldn't that annoy you? Well, most likely if you don't give him any time alone, you are smothering him. Everyone needs some type of alone time, some me time. Think about that!

You Get Mad when He Doesn't Respond Right Away


I check his phone his email. I know what he will do the whole year. He has time when he goes to his friends or go out with them. He is is the same or even worst. I don't get upset if he doesn't answer right away though..
Rebecca Lee Lanier
I think most of these things have to do with trust. If your constantly checking his stuff it shows a lack of trust, based on that your relationship probably won't work
Ruth Mary Coulson
It's not always the girls.
@Rachael Reid I agree. Although I think there is a difference in checking emails and computer history and knowing ur partners passwords to things. Some couples just share that info w each other.
Rachael Reid
Checking emails and computer history isn't smothering someone! It's being a insecure paranoid person!
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