Here Are the Dating Rules That No Longer Apply ...


You don't need to follow a certain set of rules in order to obtain a boyfriend, especially the outdated rules. Times have changed, which means that you don't have to fit into a certain mold in order to get someone to like you. You can do that just by being yourself. While you're at it, here are the dating rules that no longer apply:

1. You Should Wait to Call Him

There's an old rule that says you should wait three days to call someone after getting their number. However, that rule doesn't apply anymore, especially now that texting is popular. If a guy gives you his number, feel free to text him right away so that he has your number, too. That way, the lines of communication are open right away. Plus, people nowadays are more impatient, so no one really wants to wait to hear from someone they're interested in.

2. Men Should Initiate Everything

Men are no longer in charge of initiating everything. If you want to ask a guy out, then do it. If you want to kiss him, then lean right in. There's no reason for you to wait for him to make the first move when you're free to make it yourself. If he's more sheepish and shy than you are, then it makes sense for you to initiate everything.

3. The Man Should Always Pay

Men don't need to initiate anymore, and they don't need to pay either. If you make more money than your boyfriend does, then you should offer up your wallet, or at least ask him if he'd like to split the bill.

4. You Should Have Sex on the 3rd Date

Some people say that you should wait until the third date to have sex, but there's nothing sillier than that. You should sleep with someone when you're completely ready, whether it's on your tenth date or before you've even gone on your first date. Hook ups are common in the modern world, so it's okay if you make out with your crush before you go out to dinner with him.

5. Dates Should Be Impressive

Dates don't actually have to be exciting and expensive. If you're with the right person, you'll have just as much fun watching Netlix on the couch together as you would watching a movie in a theater. If you two are both broke, have your date nights at home. Free dates aren't necessarily bad dates.

6. You Should Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get isn't as fun as it looks. If a guy asks you out, don't say no just to make him suffer. Don't wait an hour to text him back either, especially if you're dying to type out a response. There's nothing unattractive about admitting your interest.

7. Certain Subjects Are off Limits

You don’t have to avoid talking about your ex, religion, or politics with your partner. Sure, those topics might make things awkward on a first date, but you're going to have to talk about them eventually. If your religious or political views differ, you might not last in the long run. And although you don't want to bring up your ex too often, you're going to have to be open about your past.

There's no set of rules that will help you find love. Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place. What other dating rules of the past do you think are outdated?


It's their choice. People are free to have their own opinion and if they want to wait till marriage, you have no right to belittle them for it. You live your how you want, and they'll live their lives how they want
waiting for mr right and 'saving' yourself for him is just stupid, this is the 21st century not the 1800s, live a little you only live once, you could be waiting till your 80
Growing up in an old fashioned home with strict parents find this unacceptable even in todays society. My parents were right this just leads to divorce and cheating.
I agree 100% with Karena Forbush... I'm not married yet and am still a virgin. I think waiting for sex is one of the best choices I ever made
Carly Lynn
Agree on everything but the last an extent: talking about your ex is a turn off- the past is the past- live in the now with the man you're with....
Alka, having a husband isn't the most important thing in the world for a woman, don't be rude.
@cornell p go look for a husband!!! Stop being annoying on a website
Cornell p
If these rules were rt id been married in jr highschool. No this dont apply to everyone smh im 41yrs old single with no kids n life alone in my own home paid for !!!!!! Yes i need alot of advice or answers? ????
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