Here Are Things Only Girls in Love Will Understand ...


You can say that falling in love feels like going to the gym for the first time: it can hurt a lot, but it can still feel amazing.

Love can be a weird but intense feeling that can make you do things you never thought yourself to be capable of.2

Most people won’t understand why you smile like an idiot all day long or why you act crazy.

You know what’s causing this change in your behavior and you couldn’t be happier that you have been given the chance to experience this wonderful feeling.

Here are 7 things only girls in love will understand:

1. They Know Love Songs Are True

A girl in love will know that every lyric in every love song is true.

Even though you normally don’t really like sappy love songs, when the love bug bites you, you re-evaluate your priorities and your tastes in music and you find yourself putting songs like Aerosmith's "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" or Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" on repeat.

Their Idea of Fun Changes


Gauri Talwar
Oh my god, I think this article has been written by someone deeply in love! Because that's EXACTLY how it feels ! Also, Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do had me laughing in fits because that's what I have been doing ! Yea I am in love, fallen for the first time, but he doesn't know! Like truly, madly, deeply!
iulia Mereuta
Isabella Coles
6 isn't a very good example: I still go out on my own at times, I like my independence thanks - and I'm engaged after 4 years of being with my man!
Very true!
I agree with this article. I love my husband.
It's unhealthy to lose touch with reality when you fool in love ! It's important to stay grounded that way you won't get burnt ! I only ever behaved so foolishly with my first love and oh boy did I learn the hard way. Never give up your friends hobbies n life for your the one you love .
Ameliax that's very true!
Very cynical Lucy !
Lucy Beauclair
If you're twelve and secretly idolise Bella Swann as an example of the perfect in love woman. Uggh, most of these are unsustainable, unhealthy and unrealistic. Bad job.
Sounds like the honeymoon phase
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