8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read...


High school flirting tips are so hard to come by, especially when your crush is not in any of your classes and you aren't able to be around him all the time!

If you've ever looked online for high school flirting tips, they aren't very helpful are they?

Well girls, whether you are looking to tease your crush or even just smile at him, these high school flirting tips will help rope your crush right in!

1. Tease Him

The very first high school flirting tip that we have on the list is teasing!

Just being a little snarky and a little sarcastic is a great way to really let him know the sassy side of you and let him know that you are playful and able to tease.

Be careful though, you want to take this one lightly and don't get too snarky or sassy – as that can translate bad on you.

Just keep it casual and light!

Keep the Eye Contact


Heather Jensen
@Isabel Lind, definitely! I'd say that he might like you -- but I think you need to get to know him and get the scoop on his girlfriend! Try to casually talk to him, bump into him and see what happens. :)
Isabel Lind
Hi heather hoping you could help me! So there's this popular guy that I never acknowledged and now he's in my English class and one day I caught him staring at me and our eyes met and I smiled and her smiled back then he bit his lip. The next day he wasn't at one if my friends said that he had a girlfriend and he did but on her Facebook it sounded like they broke up an the next day it also looked like they broke up. I'm so lost! Heather could you please help! thanks!!!
I have this boy who is older than me and we have no classes together but when we see each other in the hall we both look at each other and stare until we pass each other. I'm not sure what it means and how to get him to talk to me!
@Heather Jensen ok so this has nothing to do with boyfriends but my life sucks and I need help because I have two sister one is my twin and the other one is one year younger and we all play volleyball and track I also in addition am in band no one in my family cares about band and my little sister is an all star at volleyball and the other one is an all star at track and right now they get all the attention and I feel like dyeing and I can't stop crying and I just want to die I need advice.
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