8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read...


High school flirting tips are so hard to come by, especially when your crush is not in any of your classes and you aren't able to be around him all the time!

If you've ever looked online for high school flirting tips, they aren't very helpful are they?

Well girls, whether you are looking to tease your crush or even just smile at him, these high school flirting tips will help rope your crush right in!

1. Tease Him

The very first high school flirting tip that we have on the list is teasing!

Just being a little snarky and a little sarcastic is a great way to really let him know the sassy side of you and let him know that you are playful and able to tease.

Be careful though, you want to take this one lightly and don't get too snarky or sassy – as that can translate bad on you.

Just keep it casual and light!

Keep the Eye Contact


Hey! So there's this guy who seems to like me, but he just happens to be my ex's best friend. My ex gets really mad at me for flirting with him, but I don't always start it! I really wanna date this guy, but I don't know if that would be too awkward? And how would I go about it?
@andrea thsnks so much for the advice! I'm planning on talking to him this week! Sand with the guy that you like just remember to be friends with him first. Be really sweet caring and supportive of him and eventually things will fall in place. Just wait for the right timing. If you guys are close enough you could casually ask him how him and his girlfriend are doing and see how he reacts. Hope everything goes great for you!
@Lucy, I know how you feel. I can be pretty shy, too. This might not work, but here's a suggestion. Try like accidentally dropping a pencil or something around him, but make sure he sees and you're not in a position where you can just bend down and get it yourself cuz it would be awk if you just waited for him to get it. Say thank you and smile. Then, try to ask him a simple question like how are you. It may seem childish, but social anxieties can suck.
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