7 Hottest Places for Male Tattoos That We Love ...


Some of the hottest places for male tattoos are in the areas that you see the most, while others are in spots you only lay eyes on when you're lucky.

If you're a huge fan of ink, then your attraction to a man will rise as his number of tattoos increases.

You know the saying--the more, the merrier.

Here are some of the hottest places for male tattoos that can get females drooling:

1. Shoulder Tattoos


One of the hottest places for male tattoos is on their shoulders.

If he's wearing a tank top, you'll get to see his ink, and if he has short sleeves, then parts of the tattoo will poke out.

You know what they say--less is more.

Sometimes a tiny peek will make you swoon more than seeing the whole thing.

2. Back Tattoos

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If your man has back tattoos, you'll love watching him walk away as much as you love seeing him approach.

However, like chest tattoos, back tattoos aren't something you'll get to see very often.

You'll only witness them when you're lucky enough to be in the same room as a shirtless hottie.

Otherwise, his darn clothing will block the view.

3. Side Tattoos

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Side tattoos are often seen on women, but they look sexy on men as well.

They're less common than the other areas we frequently find tattoos on, which is why it's so attractive when a guy has one.

Of course, the best part of any tattoo is the meaning behind it, so never underestimate how important the design is to him.

4. Upper Arm Tattoos

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Guys with sleeves are incredibly hot, but half sleeves or anything at all on the arms are equally as attractive.

You might not be able to see his tattoos at all times, depending on the length of his sleeves, but you'll always know they're there when he's ready to rip his clothes off.

Hand Tattoos
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