5. They Keep Things at Their Boyfriend’s Place

Girls who feel comfortable in their relationship are not afraid of leaving things like their toothbrush, their makeup remover wipes, their face cream or even their tampons at their boyfriend’s place.

We are all human and we all have needs and we don’t need to seem so perfect all the time.

They Are Not Afraid of Crying in Front of Their Boyfriend


Hehehe dats true😀
Cat Bishop
This is all true
I can totally relate to the school photos one and the makeup one! My school photos were the worst. I never wanted him to see them cause I looked really bad but he eventfully saw them and told me I was going on about nothing. The only one I probably can't relate to is the one about going out and eating on a date. I ate whatever I want even when we first starting going out haha. But I still try and stay away from burgers because they can prove to be a messy nuisance.
Haha that's so me!
Lavi X
He does..
He should see the real you from the start.
peony blue
Oh yes it is enjoyable when you become yourself and just have fun.
Lavi X
Thats so me ahahaha
Yes so true.
Park Ji Won
Totally agree
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