How Girls with Anxiety Are Dating and Loving Differently 💑 ...


Anxiety is something you can’t fully understand unless you’ve personally experienced it.

It’s a relentless and horrible combination of feeling overly stressed, emotional and fielding waves of sheer panic that can be absolutely terrifying.

It isn’t who you are but it’s undeniably a part of you.

Because of that, if you’ve got anxiety, you’re going to date and love differently.

1. You Need Reassurance

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Anxiety will place worry in places there’s absolutely no need for it.

That includes your relationship.

It can take a long time to feel confident in a guy’s feelings for you because you’re battling chronic worry.

Because of this, you need reassurance of his love.

A guy that’ll freely give that is truly your knight in shining armor.

Your Relationship is Your Safety Net


Amy xx
Aj Bradshaw
I love this. I struggle with anxiety and in a four year relationship.
This is great!
Can completely relate to this article. I think having anxiety doesn't make us weaker, it makes us deeper. ☺️
This is 100% me and I don't think the guy I'm dating understands how to date me since I have such anxiety 😞
You definitely hit the nail on the head with this for me this is 100% so true!
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