How Independent Girls Can Make Their Man Feel More Included ...

It's healthy for you to be your own person.

You should have a separate life from your boyfriend.

However, you shouldn't use your independence as an excuse for neglecting him.

You still need to make him feel like he matters.

If he's been upset about how well you've been doing without him, here are a few ways that independent women can make their man feel more included in their life:

1. Ask Him out with Your Friends

Ask Him out with Your Friends

Instead of leaving him at home while you go out with your friends, invite him to tag along.

If he's as much fun as you claim he is, then your gal pals won't mind adding him to the group.

You could even ask him if it's okay for you to go out with him and his guy friends.

That way, you'll end up spending more time together.

Tell Him about Your Day in Detail