4. Does Favors for You

Does Favors for You

If he only wanted you for sex, then he wouldn't answer your texts when you tried to talk to him about any other topic.

So if he's ready and willing to do favors for you, like help you clean your room and ace a test, then he likes you a lot.

He's showing affection by helping you out in the only ways he knows how.

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Love this app it all ways has great advice on it I should make My Husband start reading some of it because He never listens to what I have to say that's why Our Sex life is on hold because when He pisses Me off it just turns Me off then He want to have Makeup Sex and I won't do it I've learned over the years !
I just love him
What a hard thing to find: a man who will put you before himself.
Mmmm what can we say about men ...
Men are like a box of chocolates. You'll never know how they are really like unless you really get to know them..
Well my boyfriend's way of showing he loves me is by ignoring me
I am not sure!
peony blue
Oh yeah men are interesting creatures...
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