How to Avoid These Frustrating Relationship Pitfalls ...


Some relationship problems are more common than others.

It’s good to be aware of relationship pitfalls so you can avoid them.2

But not to worry if you spot one or two of these!

There’re ways to work these relationship pitfalls out so that you’ll be forever in love. 💑

1. Communication Issues

Communication issues are a very common relationship pitfall.

It’s very difficult to completely avoid this one.

Misunderstandings happen because you’re two different people and don’t think exactly alike.

Minimize communication issues by trying to stay calm when you handle conflict.

You’ll get to the heart ❤of the matter and reach a solution much more quickly this way.

2. You Don’t Spend Enough Time Together

You may sometimes feel like you’re not spending enough time together.

It’s difficult when you’re both busy in your life.

Maybe you’re trying to juggle school and working or other responsibilities.

When this happens you have to remind yourself things won’t always be so busy and practice patience.

Also very important is to brainstorm together to find some time slots when you can spend quality time together, even if it’s only for a quick coffee in between classes. ☕

3. You Don’t like His Mom

Sadly, this happens in relationships.

It could be his mom, grandma, brother, uncle or other family member that you don’t care for.

It could also be that he doesn’t like a family member of yours.

It’s always best if everyone can be friends but that doesn’t always happen.

If you find yourself in this position, remember that your relationship as a couple is a private commitment only between the two of you.

Don’t let issues with what is or could someday become in-laws intrude upon the love you share.

4. He Goes out with His Friends Too Much

Most guys enjoy getting together with their friends on occasion and sometimes on a more regular basis.

If it truly is an excessive amount of time he spends with his friends then it may be worth addressing.2

But if it’s only on occasion then try to look at it as positive thing for your relationship.

A little time apart can actually be good for your relationship;

it gives you time to miss each other.

Use the time he’s with his friends to spend time with your own.

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