6. Work at It

The best relationships are between people who are willing to stick it out and work at it.

It can't be all romance and flowers, and we need the tougher times so that we can appreciate the better times.

Be a good girlfriend by putting the effort into the relationship.

Give Him Space


Kaitleen Jorgensen
@Shaila Hun if you two are having sex and he dose want you to tell people your together then leave him!
What should I do?? Nowadays i dont really know on how to become a better girlfriend and im so afraid to lose him if i dont get his trust back..
When my boyfriend asked me If theres a problem I pretend like everything is ok until one day he knew everything and he was so shocked about it and told me "i dont know if I can still trust you"..
I have a problem i lied to my boyfriend coz theres only one reason maybe he might get mad if I tell him that my friends know about us.... like I have sex with him? Coz im drunk at that moment and my friends tell everybody
Felicia 3015. Run and run fast. He sounds like a narcissist. You'll never win!
2,5,6 the most important ones :) Thanks
Akki Crawston
I feel*
Akki Crawston
If feel there should be mutual understanding between you and your partner. If you feel something is not going in a right direction then instead of keeping things bottled up, talk to him straight or else it will lead to misunderstanding. I talking about my own experience. There used to be a lot of things that I used to dislike about my boyfriend, but instead of talking to him straight, I kept it bottled up. Hence he used to think that I was fine with his behavior. And no, this ain't a healthy relationship at all.
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