4. Talk to His Friends

A man's friends can severely influence his opinion. That's why your best bet might be to get close with his buddies. Once they start to view you as a nice, sweet girl, then they'll have positive things to say about you to your crush. Once he hears the reasons why everybody likes having you around, he'll start to change his opinion of you.

Show Him You're Trying to Change


Beryl Stokes
Grow up ! You win some - you lose some ! That's life !
Too much hard work to please someone that isn't interested
JaMara Garrett
Who made this haha I wonder who it'll help.
Veronica Ehrola
If a guy doesnt like you, do he diserve you? Why you have to change, why dont him?
peony blue
Too much hard work and it appears that u r chasing the man.
U really can't change someone's opinion completely but u can manage to change it a bit.
You can't force anyone to change their opinion of you. That's something completely out of your control. Instead a person should love and accept themselves.
I always say "this is who I am take it or leave it"
Amanda Shaw
Or learn and practice self love and acceptance. That way you no longer are changing for him... You're changing for yourself and he can either accept you for you or leave you. Either way his opinion wont matter.
Don't talk to his friends some boys don't like that if they like U coz they will think U like their pals and not them.
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