How to Cope ✌🏼️ with Each of the 7 Stages of a Break up 💔 ...


Break ups are one of those things that nobody wants to go through, but sadly, they are a part of life.2

There are tons of emotions that come with them, and knowing how to deal with them can help.

Also, remembering you aren’t alone!

Just know, you’ll make it out on the other side.

1. Shock😮

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A lot of times after a breakup, you can be left sitting and wondering what the heck just happened.

You might not believe that what you’re going through is even real.

It can be hard to accept.

Remembering that this is your body’s natural way to try and protect against pain can help.

It can be a bit of confusion, or it can be actual physical shock that affects your breath.

What you can do is try to calm yourself by going out and taking a walk, indulging in a bubble bath, or meditating.

Remember that things will clear up eventually.

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