2. Dress up

Most people dress up to go out on dates. However, you don't have to wait for a guy to ask you out to wear something nice. You can buy a sexy dress, do your makeup, and then just lounge around the house. Of course, you should take advantage of the photo opportunities. If you're going to go though all the trouble of making yourself up, you might as well snap a few pictures.

Buy Yourself Treats


Once I went to a restaurant alone. The waitress said "table for two?" And I said "no, just one." She seemed confused and said "really?"
# 4 made me laugh out loud .. Leave myself love notes...
Allyson Wells
I tried all of this. :)
You could always do these things with a gf as well 😀
I always wanna do these things. But I don't know what i should do when i'm alone in the places which belong to the couple :). So i just stay at home and enjoy my loneliness. But i'll try to enjoy ur advices. Thanks
Rhadiyah Tsabita
Great! :)
One time my English teacher said that you cannot be in a relationship till you learn to be alone; I will never forget her wise words. ♡
peony blue
Okay. I have no clue why but this just made me feel sooooo much better! I have low self esteem, in high school I never had a boyfriend (still haven't and don't). I've been trying to raise my self esteem by doing things for myself but I always fall through.
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