4. Leave Yourself Love Notes

It's sweet for a boyfriend to leave his partner notes around the house, but you can create your very own notes.

Write yourself a letter to read whenever you're upset.

Jot down compliments and stick them to your mirror.

Put an inspirational background on your phone.

Do whatever works.

Make a Fancy Meal


Allyson Wells
I tried all of this. :)
You could always do these things with a gf as well πŸ˜€
I always wanna do these things. But I don't know what i should do when i'm alone in the places which belong to the couple :). So i just stay at home and enjoy my loneliness. But i'll try to enjoy ur advices. Thanks
Rhadiyah Tsabita
Great! :)
One time my English teacher said that you cannot be in a relationship till you learn to be alone; I will never forget her wise words. β™‘
peony blue
Okay. I have no clue why but this just made me feel sooooo much better! I have low self esteem, in high school I never had a boyfriend (still haven't and don't). I've been trying to raise my self esteem by doing things for myself but I always fall through.
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