Seductive Tips πŸŽ€ to Help You Improve Your Flirting 😘 if Your Game Just Isn't Strong πŸ’ͺ🏼 Enough ...


Having trouble getting a date? Have you got your eye on someone but don’t know how to get their attention? Are you just not a natural flirt? Flirting is an art and it can be learned. Honestly! Here’s how to flirt better than you’ve ever flirted before.

1. Practice Makes Perfect!

First thing to know about how to be an expert flirt is that more people practice in front of the mirror than you would think! And hey, why not? If it takes saying a few lines to your own reflection for them to stop feeling awkward coming out of your mouth, then go ahead and say them! Be careful though, you don’t want to practice to such an extent that what you say starts to sound robotic.

Try It out on Friends


@wendybird can't believe you noticed!!:)
I can't flirt.
That's a good picture of him.
No guts to do it
That's Austin Carlile. He's the frontman for the metalcore band Of Mice & Men.
He is so hot yum
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