4. Be an Observer

Donโ€™t make it totally obvious, but next time you are out in a club with friends, take a look at a couple nearby who are flirting with each other. Are they doing things that you do not? Do you think it might be worth trying to replicate for yourself? Taking notes from a distance might seem a little creepy, but hey, if you discover something that you like it will be worth it!

Prepare in Advance


@wendybird can't believe you noticed!!:)
ิตีฐาฝ ีฆีกาฝาฝีฒ ึ…ฦ’ ารญิตฯฒีฐาฝี
I can't flirt.
That's a good picture of him.
No guts to do it
That's Austin Carlile. He's the frontman for the metalcore band Of Mice & Men.
He is so hot yum
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