5. Make Subtle Eye Contact

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If you’re uncomfortable approaching a guy you like, make eye contact to let him know you're interested.

Don't stare or you might come off as creepy girl.

Be natural and casually look in his direction and make eye contact for a couple of seconds before turning your gaze.

Spend Some Time Alone


peony blue
Haha so it's a no win situation then. How about guys stop bring cowardly and approach a girl anyhow??I mean if a guy really I'd attracted to u he wouldn't give a hoot esp if he is confident why do u think there r a lot of ugly men with goodlooking women because they just went for it. Do I am woman be yourself and if a decent guy likes u then u will be asked out. However I do agree with the post be confident look good esp your posture but it takes two and u don't exactly want to attract a man who doesn't look after himself either. After all it does take two....
Carly Lynn
With the eye contact thing- gotta say the majority of men don't notice that- gotta do it more than once
Damsel in distress also comes across as being desperate
The Queen of Bitches
By advantage I mean he might play with u if he is a bad guy or even a good guy .. Good guys turn bad believe me it happens all the time :p
The Queen of Bitches
@alka if u act deprecate he will probably take advantage of ur desperation. I am not kidding happens all the time. (I just say that every time I need to prove something)
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